Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mountain Musings

Well, it is out. I just had a chapbook published. Mountain Musings is just a short collection of poetry and prose inspired while I lived on Backbone Mountain, near Oakland, Maryland.

As a journalist, I traveled throughout the area, constantly amazed by its beauty. Seeing the water of Deep Creek Lake made going to work each day enjoyable, especially with a stop for chai tea at Trader’s Coffee Shop.

Driving around those winding roads seemed to offer adventure and amazement, down to the whitewater of Friendsville or the river and arboretum of Kitzmiller or over to Grantsville for history: downtown, at Penn Alps or Spruce Forest. The Oakland, Deer Park, Mountain Lake Park area was my home base and I found plenty to see and do. One day I might write a book about the area as seen through the eyes of a reporter.

Even now, I breathe a little easier as I cross Sideling Hill and my pulse quickens as I turn on to Route 219 in Garrett County. Right now, I again am a tourist, striving to share the beauty of the mountains.

I want to thank Betsy Riley, who helped edit, design and publish this book through Blue Dragon Press. She has so much knowledge, talent and creativity, plus the energy to use it. She also is a writer and artist.

I dedicated the book to Elizabeth Robertson Houck. Betty and I met in 7th grade and remained friends throughout high school, both writing for the school newspaper The Owl. We attended different colleges, but stayed in touch. Later we were in each other’s weddings, spoiled each other’s children and were there during  the rough times. We still enjoy doing things together.

She visited me often in the mountains and enjoyed the parks, lakes, festivals and people. Betty always encouraged my writing, even when I doubted my abilities. In recent years she has been my main reader/proofer/critiquer. I appreciate all she has done for me and realize that my writing is better because of her input.

I included my mother in the dedication since she likes to do so many things with me. She turns 89 next month. She loves life and people. A picture I have of her at 86 years old, laughing, with the wind in her hair, as she enjoys a boat ride around Deep Creek Lake, captures her adventurous spirit. She’s a little slower now, but still ready to go anywhere.

 I was lucky to have such wonderful parents, (Joe and Agnes Farinholt) who taught me responsibility and the need to work hard, but also the necessity of having fun. I hope this light spirit, plus the appreciation for beauty and life, come through in this book. It is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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